Quarry Transformation Grants

Supporting a positive legacy for quarries

The Victorian Government is committed to supporting industry in planning for and implementing innovative end land uses for quarries that are beneficial to the local community.

The Extractive Resources Strategy commits to:

  • investigating the feasibility of different legacy opportunities for quarries; and
  • developing innovative post-quarrying end land use for quarries.

New grants to boost innovation

New grants will assist quarry operators by providing opportunities to develop and test ideas and options for repurposing the land after quarrying stops.

Four grants have been awarded to applicants for quarry site rehabilitation ideas that go beyond the safe and stable and sustainable minimum requirements under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990.

Innovative ideas for quarry end land use include projects and initiatives that:

  • provide ongoing local community access and critical local services (e.g. power generation, water management);
  • generate employment opportunities (e.g. residential construction);
  • have a direct and tangible positive impact on surrounding land and property values; and/or
  • improve the overall liveability of an area (e.g. open space/recreation).

The Grant winners were assessed against the following criteria:

  • design proposal
  • design innovation
  • design impact, and
  • net benefit.

The Grants were awarded to:


Proposal Title


Overview of Quarry

What the funds will be used for

These Are The Projects We Do Together Pty Ltd

The Quarry International Summer Camp – Beech Forest


Quarry in rehabilitation stage since 2014

To invest and accelerate the development of the Quarry International Summer Camp. The design of the entire facility will include a raised rain-forest gully walk, a contour-path walk tracing the inside of the quarry pit, a large swimming hole, as well as a 150-seat open-air Amphitheatre constructed of quarry stone and reclaimed red brick.

Boral Resources

Wollert Quarry End Use Masterplan


Operating quarry

The preparation of a detailed landscape masterplan for the site to integrate into the proposed Quarry Hills Precinct Structure Plan. This will enable comparison of the existing rehabilitation approval (baseline option) and the proposed alternative expansion option scenarios.

Boral Resources

Montrose Quarry - End Use Feasibility Assessment.


Operating quarry

To investigate whether the best end land use for this site is either a water storage facility or a flora/fauna habitat. The includes financial feasibility of next-uses by undertaking an economic feasibility study (including a floating solar system) and preparation of a Landscape Masterplan.

Burdett Sands Pty Ltd

Boggy Creek Biodiversity Corridor


Operating quarry

To engage a suitable consultant to develop a concept design for the transformation of the Boggy Creek environs, an existing Melbourne water drainage easement that intersects the site, into a biodiversity corridor.

Work is already underway, and these exciting projects are due to be finalised by June 2023.

More information is available in the news story and in the video below.

Page last updated: 27 Apr 2023