Vision and mission

Our vision

Unlock the full potential of Victoria’s earth resources

Our mission

To facilitate informed and responsible earth resources exploration, development,extraction and rehabilitation

Towards 2030: Resources Victoria Strategy

Our priorities

  • Increase investment in Victoria’s earth resources,including new critical minerals
  • Build confidence in the performance of the earth resources sector in Victoria and its regulation
  • Secure the supply of quarry materials essential for new infrastructure

What do we want to see?

Our earth resources benefit all Victorians

  • A fair return to the community for its earth resources
  • Traditional Owner rights and interests are properly respected
  • Communities are engaged meaningfully and their interests are considered in project development

The earth resources industry is an essential part of the economy

  • Earth resources continue to generate important jobs and economic benefit
  • Victoria’s earth resources sector is recognised for its leading practice and is sustainable over
    the production lifecycle from
    exploration to rehabilitation

Our critical minerals support the renewable energy transition

  • Victoria’s critical minerals play their part in the transition to net zero by 2045
  • The critical minerals sector makes an important contribution to regional Victoria
  • Essential components are being made using Victorian critical minerals

The raw materials essential to grow Victoria are secured locally

  • Victoria’s growth is supported by access to an affordable supply of quarry materials
  • Over $100 billion in rail and road projects, schools, hospitals and 800,000 new homes over the next decade are supplied by Victorian quarries

How will we achieve our goals?

Geoscience and evidence

Apply our specialist scientific and technical expertise to understand Victoria’s geologyand create new opportunities for
responsible investment

Policy and guidance

Deliver resources policy and legislative reform that enables responsible earth resources activities, from exploration through
to rehabilitation

Licensing and regulation

Facilitate earth resources projects in a timely and transparent way that safeguards public safety, human health, infrastructure and the environment

Promotion and facilitation

Work across government to enable investment, while supporting industry with expert advice and clear approvals processes


Page last updated: 21 May 2024