Geothermal exploration

Geothermal energy exploration is at an early stage in Victoria.

Temperature logging and several magnetotelluric surveys were carried out looking for deep hot geothermal resources.

Sufficiently high temperatures for geothermal electricity (150 ℃ at 3 - 3.5 km depth) are known in southern Victoria, but many of the exploration leases have been dropped due to the high cost of drill testing for flowing geothermal water.

Current geothermal energy use

Geothermal energy from shallow, warm aquifers is currently used for tourist spas and agricultural purposes such as barramundi farming and meatworks cleaning. The development of geothermal energy from deeper, hotter aquifers (deeper than 1 km OR greater than 70 ℃) is regulated by the Geothermal Energy Act and licensing would be required.

Geothermal Atlas Project

From 2010 to 2015 the Victorian Government undertook the Geothermal Atlas project to support better understanding of the geothermal potential of the State. A significant amount of basic rock property data and borehole temperature logging was collected and/or compiled by the Geological Survey of Victoria. View the reports

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Page last updated: 01 Dec 2021