Consultation on draft ministerial guidelines for description of a mineral resource

The draft Ministerial Guidelines for Description of a Mineral Resource and the Preparation of a Mineralisation Report outline the type and standard of information that applicants should include in their mineralisation report. Feedback on the draft guidelines is currently being considered.

A mineralisation report accompanies an application for a mining or retention licence, with the purpose of establishing that there is a reasonable prospect that the mining of the resource will be economically viable. It is made up of the description of the mineral resource, report of exploration results and economic viability assessment.

The draft guidelines include the following changes:

  • Incorporated and updated guidance from a number of current guidelines and information kits.
  • The draft guidelines are split into two:
    • Mandatory guidelines for description of a mineral resource.
    • Advisory guidelines for preparation of a Mineralisation Report.
  • Removed the ‘alternative evidence’ section.
  • Separate reporting requirement for gypsum.
  • Allow detailed resource report to the ASX to be accepted in place of a Mineralisation Report.
  • Coversheet template included.

Submissions closed on Tuesday 6 October 2020. Please visit Engage Victoria for further information.

Page last updated: 01 Dec 2021