Geochemistry data

Geochemistry is the study of the chemicals, rocks and minerals that form and shape the Earth.

Using accurate geochemical data, scientists are helping pinpoint locations which may host copper, gold or other earth resources.

Therefore, explorers can target regions with minerals potential if they have access to geochemistry data.

Database and samples

Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV) has been studying the geochemistry of Victoria since 1965.

We have built up a large database of samples from open file exploration and mining licences. Our database includes samples from boreholes and data from gold mines or stream beds which host alluvial gold and large-scale mining operations.

For each sample, information such as sample number, sample type, analytical results, detection limit, analytical method and tenement details were recorded.

GSV analysis of open file geochemistry data has identified numerous areas of under-explored prospective terrain.

We continue to collect data for recently expired licences and as part of the assessment of individual projects.

Read and download digital geochemistry data packages

Page last updated: 01 Dec 2021