Resource and Land Use Planning

An aerial photo of a railway bridge being built.

We need to plan ahead now, to ensure that quarry materials can continue to be sourced close to where they will be used, so we can affordably build homes and infrastructure.

That is why the Resource and Land Use Planning theme of the Extractive Resources Strategy includes key actions to update mapping and planning provisions to better define areas for future potential extractive resource industries and secure them in the Victorian planning system.

Priority actions being implemented to help meet this objective include:

  • piloting a new Strategic Extractive Resource Area (SERA) concept in two Local Government Areas; and
  • development of a Strategic Extractive Resources Roadmap to guide the next steps in our approach to securing strategic extractive resources.

Strategic Extractive Resources Roadmap

Taking into account feedback from councils, planning authorities and other key stakeholders, the Strategic Extractive Resources Roadmap sets out a plan to:

  • Build on the SERA pilot project and progressively introduce new SERAs in suitable locations around the state; and
  • Review and refresh Extractive Industry Interest Areas (EIIAs).
  • Form partnerships and engage with key stakeholders.

The development of the Strategic Extractive Resources Roadmap has been guided by the Extractives Strategy Taskforce.

Page last updated: 30 May 2024