Geothermal energy

Illustration depicting the flow of hot water from beneath the earth to above the ground

Geothermal energy is clean, reliable and renewable. It comes from naturally occurring heat within hot rocks and water reservoirs below the earth’s surface.

Heat in the ground can be used to directly heat and cool houses via heat exchangers.

Hotter water can be directly used for spa tourism, industrial, agricultural and aquaculture production.

Very hot water can be converted into electricity. However, this generally requires an active volcanic system to create enough very hot water for electricity generation to be economic.

The GeoVic online tool has a number of geothermal data themes which show the natural flow of heat and resulting temperature distribution across much of Victoria.

So far, Victoria’s geothermal energy resources are virtually untouched. With further geothermal exploration, and improved technology, this industry has potential for growth and investment.

Geothermal reports

Page last updated: 02 Jun 2021