Resources Victoria Approvals Coordination

A new division within Resources Victoria is playing an important role in supporting the state to grow and transition to net-zero by 2045.

Resources Victoria Approvals Coordination (RVAC) helps to drive investment by removing uncertainty around resource approvals.

RVAC will achieve this by helping the resources industry to navigate complex approvals processes quicker and overcome roadblocks.

RVAC quarrying workstream: Supporting Victoria’s Big Build

New building, transport links and renewable energy infrastructure are increasing demand for quarry materials.  More quarry resource approvals are needed to keep up with rising demand.

The RVAC quarry workstream will assist industry to increase the supply of construction materials in the immediate term by case-managing quarry expansions requiring work plan variations. The aim of the quarry workstream is to ensure approval of resources stays ahead of the forecasted demand year on year.

Prioritising criteria for quarry opportunities

These criteria will determine which quarry projects are in-scope for case-management:

Resource type

The resource type is in short supply, such as sand suitable for concrete production and hard rock suitable for use as aggregates and road bases.


The quantity of additional resource unlocked is significant.

Proximity to market

The location of the opportunity is close to major centres of demand such as metropolitan Melbourne and growth corridors in the North, West, Sunbury, Southeast regions, and key regional areas.


The opportunity can be progressed in the short or medium term. Minor variations and work plan variations are in-scope.

Time to market

Sites with a shorter quarry life remaining where material will be brought to market sooner will be prioritised.

Proponent readiness

Projects with committed human/financial resources to deliver in the funded time for RVAC are a priority.


The operator should have a demonstrated history of regulatory compliance.

A program of work is underway to support increasing demand for quarry materials. Helping Victoria Grow: Extractive Resources Strategy, is implementing initiatives focussed on strategic planning for quarry resources.

RVAC mining workstream: Supporting the transition to net-zero 2045

RVAC’s scope will include mining opportunities such as critical minerals to help drive regional economic development and provide the necessary inputs into renewable energy infrastructure.

More detail about RVAC’s role in supporting the development of mining opportunities will be available soon. This will include prioritising criteria for mining opportunities.

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Page last updated: 20 May 2024