Better Approvals for Regulators (BAR)

Better Approvals for Regulators (BAR) is a state-wide program led by Better Regulation Victoria to reform and simplify regulatory practice in a number of agencies. It aims to improve industry experience while maintaining the standards expected of a modern regulator.

Earth Resources Regulator and Better Regulation Victoria’s BAR project focuses on the work plan assessment process, working with industry and co-regulators on non-legislative improvements to create greater upfront clarity, reduce effort at key points in the process and reduce overall approval timeframes.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of Earth Resources Regulator’s BAR project delivered four products to directly improve industry’s experience, based on consultation with industry:

  1. new webpage which includes an overview of the entire application process
  2. updated site meeting pack that highlights commonly missed site meeting information sources
  3. new pre-submission checklist for proponents to ensure all necessary components are included in a work plan or variation application
  4. geotechnical engagement pilot program to assist industry in meeting geotechnical requirements in their work plan from the outset, avoiding unexpected change requests

Uptake of geotechnical engagement sessions is recommended for complex sites, and as early as possible to enable alignment on the approach to investigations and risk management. Please email to register your interest, observing the document requirements outlined in guidance material below.

Guidance material

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the BAR project includes extensive co-regulator engagement around roles and responsibilities. This work includes developing a new pre-application process to support pre-submission engagement. We will also develop a new Code of Practice for low and medium risk quarries to streamline approvals.

Register your interest

To register your interest in participating in future consultations for the BAR project, please contact Earth Resources Regulator.

Page last updated: 12 Apr 2024