Gas storage

Underground gas storage investigations

Underground gas storage is a key part of the Victorian gas supply network. The process involves injecting natural gas into porous sandstone reservoirs from where it can be accessed when demand peaks, particularly in winter, helping to supplement normal supplies and reduce short-term price spikes.

Depleted gas fields around Port Campbell in South-West Victoria have been used for gas storage for more than two decades. The Victorian Gas Program investigated whether other depleted or unproduced gas fields in the area could be used for additional underground gas storage. Six gas fields (Mylor, McIntee, Tregony, Croft, Fenton Creek and Penryn) were identified for static and dynamic modelling, to quantify their potential capacity for underground gas storage.

Please note that because all VGP technical reports are divided between the Gippsland Basin, Otway Basin and Underground Storage, there will be gaps in the numbering of reports on this page. Technical reports from the Geological Survey of Victoria are primarily designed for scientific, academic and professional audiences. Progress reports that summarise the findings of the VGP’s scientific studies for the wider community are also released periodically.

Links to technical reports on the investigations are listed below.

Page last updated: 01 Dec 2021