Earth Resources Sector Indicators

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The Earth Resources Sector Indicators is published annually, it:

  • provides a snapshot of the earth resources sector in Victoria
  • establishes a framework to enable effective decision-making regarding earth resource management
  • complements existing earth resources reporting.

Data is compiled with the goal to develop additional, leading indicators to support decision-making within the sector.

To view the current state of Victoria's minerals sector, refer to our Minerals page.


An accessible version of some documents are currently not available. Work to create an accessible version may already be in progress or an accessible version can be provided on request. Please contact us if you need further information about these documents.





The 2018-2019 reports have been revised to correct a minor error. Work authorities granted were not 18 in 2018-19 however were 11. This has been corrected in the metric factsheet and page 24 of the supporting analysis.

For reports of previous years, please contact us for further details.

Page last updated: 02 Apr 2024