Earth Resources Regulator

We regulate exploration, mining, quarrying, petroleum, recreational prospecting and other earth resource activities.

Our role is to ensure earth resources activities are conducted safely to protect people, property, infrastructure and the environment.

We assess and authorise earth resource projects that create business and job opportunities, particularly in rural and regional areas of Victoria.

We enforce laws to ensure that mine, quarry and petroleum operators fulfil their obligations to safeguard the community and environment.

The Earth Resources Regulator is implementing a major reform program in response to the Commissioner for Better Regulation's report Getting the Groundwork Right. We are making changes to improve our performance.

Our role

We operate under legislation that enables us to:

  • authorise earth resources exploration, production and other activities that provide jobs and support the Victorian economy
  • regulate these activities to protect local communities and the environment.

We do this through:

  • licensing
  • assessing and approving applications for operations or works
  • education and enforcement activities
  • community and industry engagement.

How we work

  • We have expertise in the earth resources field and draw on additional expertise when required.
  • Our activities and functions are underpinned by assessing and managing risk.
  • Our regulatory work is guided by a Ministerial Statement of Expectations that sets out government's priorities and objectives. We report annually on actions to fulfil these expectations.
  • Our community engagement is guided by our Stakeholder Engagement Charter.
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Where we are

We operate in five regions across Victoria, with offices in Ballarat, Benalla, Bendigo, Melbourne and our head office at Latrobe Valley GovHub in Morwell.

For a full list of ways to contact Earth Resources Regulator, visit our Contact us page.

Working with other regulators and agencies

We work closely with other regulators and government agencies to ensure a whole-of-government approach to the regulation of Victoria's earth resources industries. These working relationships facilitate decision making and a clear and open regulatory context for industry and the community.

Earth Resources Regulator works with the following government organisations:

We have agreements about how we work together with:

If you wish to see a copy of any of these agreements please view the Memoranda of understanding page, or contact us.

Key contacts

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA):

Department of Transport and Planning:

For a full list of ways to contact Earth Resources Regulator, visit our Contact us page.

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